News articles written by Philip Maertens

COVID-19: no general “force majeure” tolerance for cross-border employment

24 March 2020

In our newsflash of 13 March 2020, we highlighted that since the COVID-19 outbreak many companies find themselves confronted with questions regarding unforeseen and forced changes in the working pattern of employees who perform activities in surrounding countries (such as Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany and France). One of the main questions that arises is whether the

Coronavirus – impact on international workforce – update for Luxembourg and France

17 March 2020

As mentioned in our newsflash of 13 March 2020, following the health situation linked to the Covid-19 crisis, in order to “flatten the curve”, companies are taking isolation measures and are moving in an accelerated pace to fully remote working (homeworking) where possible. In fact, many cross-border workers will be called upon to do more

Coronavirus – impact on companies with an international workforce

13 March 2020

The outbreak and spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) leaves almost no one unaffected. It has become a worldwide phenomenon impacting personal and family life, governments, businesses and the economies across the globe. Depending on the location and anticipated impact of the virus, certain (sometimes extreme) measures (such as quarantine and lock down) and safety precautions

Tax forms 281.10 (employees) and 281.20 (company directors) – Income of 2019

15 January 2020

The models of salary slips (“Fiche 281.10” for employees and “Fiche 281.20” for company directors) to be used to report remuneration paid or granted in 2019 are now available on the Federal Public Service (“FPS”) of Finance’s website. The fiches 281.10 and 281.20 must be lodged electronically with the FPS before 1 March 2020. In

France: upcoming new withholding tax rules for French non-resident taxpayers

18 September 2019

On 1 January 2019, France implemented the greatest change in its personal income tax system in over 40 years through the creation of a Pay As You Earn withholding system for French tax residents. This new system that applies to the great majority of income earned by French tax residents (i.e. wages & pensions) has