News articles written by Philip Maertens

France: upcoming new withholding tax rules for French non-resident taxpayers

18 September 2019

On 1 January 2019, France implemented the greatest change in its personal income tax system in over 40 years through the creation of a Pay As You Earn withholding system for French tax residents. This new system that applies to the great majority of income earned by French tax residents (i.e. wages & pensions) has

American Belgians risk losing their Belgian bank account in 2020

23 August 2019

As recently communicated in the Belgian media, Belgians with the American nationality risk losing their Belgian bank accounts because of the strict application of the U.S. FATCA-legislation. FATCA  In application of the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), which is also applicable in relation to U.S. citizens residing in Belgium, financial institutions outside the U.S.

New lump-sum amount for reimbursement of business use of private car

30 June 2019

Employees using a privately-owned car for business purposes can now be reimbursed a lump-sum amount of EUR 0,3653 per kilometer. Costs that an employee incurs when using a privately-owned car for business purposes can be reimbursed by the employer free of income tax and exempt from social security contributions. Repayment can be made on a

Gentlemen’s agreement Belgium-Luxembourg: a new chapter for cross-border workers

20 June 2019

On 16 May 2019 the Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel have agreed to reopen negotiations regarding the double tax treaty concluded between Belgium and Luxembourg, with respect to the taxation of individuals working in a cross-border context. Belgian-Luxembourg double tax treaty In principle, employees who are tax resident