News articles written by Philip Maertens

Gentlemen’s agreement Belgium-Luxembourg: a new chapter for cross-border workers

20 June 2019

On 16 May 2019 the Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel have agreed to reopen negotiations regarding the double tax treaty concluded between Belgium and Luxembourg, with respect to the taxation of individuals working in a cross-border context. Belgian-Luxembourg double tax treaty In principle, employees who are tax resident

Newshub: Belgian Tax Authorities announce some of their focus areas for 2019 tax audits

13 June 2019

The Belgian Tax Authorities have recently announced some of their focus areas for 2019 for tax audits. This early warning allows both individual taxpayers and enterprises to ensure compliance with their Belgian tax obligations. Enterprises can expect to face more scrutiny in relation to the following subjects: Companies who do not fulfill all the conditions

Income tax thresholds for gifts to employees have been increased

10 December 2018

In our newsletter of 27 November, we recalled the possibility to present employees with year-end gifts, free from social security contributions and income taxes. We mentioned that, although the maximum amount of those gifts for social security purposes was increased in July, the income tax amount was not yet adjusted accordingly. However, on 5 December,

Mobility budget (and changes on mobility allowance) sent to parliament for approval

5 December 2018

The draft legislation on the introduction of a Mobility Budget and the draft legislation on the changes to the law introducing a Mobility Allowance have been sent to parliament by the Federal government. As a quick reminder The idea of the mobility budget is (just like the mobility allowance) to stimulate employees who have a