News articles written by Sandrine Schaumont

Workforce Podcast – The future of work: what’s next?

25 June 2021

The future of work: what’s next?   The world of work is developing rapidly. The digital revolution had already increased the pace of change, and the impact of COVID-19 has only added fuel to fire. The pandemic showed us that companies are ready and willing to truly embrace flexible and remote working. Indeed, across industries

Workforce Podcast – Transform Your Tomorrow: Tech-enabled HR Transformation

2 June 2021

Transform Your Tomorrow: Tech-enabled HR Transformation @H. Essers   Listen on how H.Essers transformed and digitised their HR operating model successfully, globally during a period where we all were impacted by COVID-19. Rather than solely implementing a new cloud HR system, H.Essers decided to go for a holistic approach where they harmonized HR processes across

Workforce Podcast – The future of mobility

27 May 2021

The future of mobility: what about the company car?   Sustainable mobility is high on the agenda of governments, employers and employees. Increasingly employers are re-evaluating their approach. How can they change their attitude to mobility, and above all, that of their employees? An employer’s mobility vision can be a competitive differentiator, and incorporating ESG

PwC’s Workforce podcast – Payroll transformation

30 April 2021

Assessing the true value of payroll Payroll is one of the most critical functions in managing and remunerating a workforce and it is often an organisation’s largest expense. With the current COVID-19 situation and the need to have a good overview of costs and expenses at their fingertips, many organisations are looking into payroll optimisation.

PwC’s Workforce Podcast

22 March 2021

A series of podcasts tackling the key issues organisations face today regarding their most important asset: their workforce We’re delighted to announce the launch of PwC’s Workforce Podcast series. Our PwC experts will tackle the key issues organisations face today on their most important asset: their workforce. Last year, working remotely became the new standard,

Cadastral income for properties abroad?

8 December 2020

On 12 November 2020 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) imposed a lump-sum fine of EUR 2 million and a daily penalty of EUR 7.500 for each day that the Belgian tax authorities continue to maintain a difference in tax treatment for rental income depending on whether the property is located in Belgium or abroad.

Further details on the tax measures of the Vivaldi government 

4 November 2020

Introduction The program law regarding the budget statement of 2021 has recently been issued by the Belgian Vivaldi government. Again an opportunity for the PwC tax reform news room to highlight the most important tax measures that have been introduced from a personal, corporate and indirect tax perspective. Personal tax  Non-indexation of fiscal amounts For