News articles written by Sandrine Schaumont

Further details on the tax measures of the Vivaldi government 

4 November 2020

Introduction The program law regarding the budget statement of 2021 has recently been issued by the Belgian Vivaldi government. Again an opportunity for the PwC tax reform news room to highlight the most important tax measures that have been introduced from a personal, corporate and indirect tax perspective. Personal tax  Non-indexation of fiscal amounts For

With the European borders gradually opening, will there be an impact on business travel, in the post pandemic era – that’s the question?

15 June 2020

Business travel was thriving… And businesses saw opportunities in the ever growing globalisation. Millions of people were travelling around to conclude contracts, to network and to invest in their personal growth and development, resulting in a yearly incremental growth in the (business) travel industry. Business travel had become a habit for many… Until COVID-19 showed