Legislative initiative in Poland – mandatory monitoring of physical movement of certain ADR transports

Written by Tom Scheyvaerts 22 December 2016

Poland plans to introduce a so-called ‘transportation package’. Basically it will require that transport of certain hazardous materials need to be monitored through special declarations and/or GPS devices.

Such monitoring obligation will also cover the transit of goods through Poland – effectively it means that not only Polish companies need to be aware of that fact. Lack of compliance in this regard may result in various sanctions, including material penalties (up to EUR 5,000) imposed on truck drivers (including foreigners).

What can PwC do?

If you might be affected by such changes, we can prepare the required information package for you, i.e.:

  • list of specific types of goods covered by the new regulation;
  • responsibilities and obligations depending on whether you are bringing goods in/transiting/bringing goods out of Poland;
  • what you, as a foreign transport company, can request from your Polish contractor;
  • what you, as a foreign transport company, need to handle yourself;
  • practical information on grace periods, where to obtain a GPS tracking device, how to use the monitoring system, how to act in case of problems;
  • who can actually legally monitor/verify compliance with such new regulations.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Scheyvaerts or visit our Transport & logistics web page.