News articles written by Bart Wyns

War for Business – Challenges for Europe on the incentives playing field

23 February 2023

As boldly stated by the president of the European Commission – Ursula von der Leyen, the European Union should undertake more concrete actions to counter the massive subsidy packages currently being offered by the Chinese government to companies in the clean-tech sector and beyond. In addition, the US has also recently implemented a new bill

The EU is preparing for an overhaul of the EU’s energy market: Flemish and EU incentives can help companies thrive in this new energy landscape

22 February 2023

Europe is currently facing a double energy crisis. On the one hand, the geopolitical tensions with Russia have substantially reduced the supply of natural gas, putting into jeopardy the block’s ability to meet its energy demand. On the other hand, climate change and the need for a more sustainable energy future has become a pressing

What’s new on the incentive horizon? – January 2023 update

31 January 2023

As the funding landscape is continuously evolving, new calls for proposals are opening regularly in different focus areas. With this short newsletter, we provide you an overview on the main funding opportunities and developments at European level as well as in Flanders, Belgium. Europe   – New Eureka call for low carbon projects Eureka launched

What are the Belgian and European governments doing to support your company in tackling climate change during the energy crisis?

25 January 2023

As a result of the active geopolitical tensions, both our households and businesses share the same burden of rising energy costs and continuous inflation. In parallel our continuous battle against climate change is still ongoing. Fortunately, the European Commission, together with national and regional governments haven’t forgotten about this pressing issue. As a matter of