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10 April 2024

Mixed and partial VAT payers: Extended submission deadline for VAT real use deduction method

Mixed VAT deduction, particularly prevalent among real estate, financial and holding entities, has seen significant changes since last year. For mixed and partial VAT payers employing the real-use deduction method, new specific annual information submission requirements have been introduced, necessitating submissions through the Intervat system. The required information to be submitted in 2024 includes: Full

22 February 2024

It’s a wrap! CBAM Roundtables at our PwC Liege, Antwerp and Brussels Campuses on the topic of ‘CBAM: Transitional period – Lessons learnt from the first reporting’.

The events were attended by our clients and companies in scope of CBAM, the industry’s federation members, the officials from the Belgian Customs Authority as well as the members from the National Competent Authority for CBAM in Belgium, the FPS Public Health.  We thank all the participants for their valuable insights and sharing their experiences