News articles written by Tom Wallyn

PwC as your guide in the changing Flemish incentive landscape

21 October 2022

From the 1st of October 2022, establishing a climate plan and submitting a summary thereof became a new mandatory admissibility requirement for large companies and / or energy-intensive companies applying to most VLAIO subsidy programmes. The climate plan itself is an explanatory document containing the key actions a company will take in the coming years

Creating a healthier Europe through the EU4Health funding programme

5 October 2022

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the existing weaknesses of the national healthcare systems. Indeed, it has highlighted the importance of crisis preparedness, resilient healthcare systems and coordination among European countries. The EU4Health programme is the European Commission’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and EU’s largest health programme. The actions funded by the programme go

Monthly Incentives newsletter

5 October 2022

The funding landscape is continuously evolving, with new calls for proposals opening regularly in different areas. With this newsletter, we provide you a brief overview of the latest funding opportunities and developments at the European and regional level. Water4All Call The Joint Transnational Call “Management of water resources: resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme

Enabling the digital transformation for people and businesses through European funding

3 October 2022

Digital technology is continuously changing and transforming both the lives of people and businesses. To accelerate this transformation, the European Commission is determined to make this Europe’s “Digital Decade”. Europe must now strengthen its digital sovereignty and set standards, rather than following those of others – with a clear focus on data, technology, and infrastructure.

New funding opportunity for better management of hydroclimatic extreme events

9 September 2022

The stakes for water stress and scarcity are high. We have seen from this summer’s dry period in Europe that water scarcity not only affects the southern Mediterranean but also the north of Europe known for its water abundance. The Rhine and Danube experienced unprecedented low water levels hampering ship navigation, water supply for domestic,

The new regional aid map 2022-2027 for Flanders has been approved

22 August 2022

Summary The Flemish regional aid map lists all the municipalities in which large companies can receive investment aid. These municipalities are located in regions where economic development is significantly lower than in other regions of the country and the wider European Union. For SMEs, there is no geographical limitation on receiving investment aid.  What does

Belgian Incentives newsletter

8 August 2022

Even throughout summer, the incentives landscape is not standing still. With this newsletter, we would like to inform you on the latest news that could be of interest to your business.  Fiscal advantages for charging stations Companies having invested, or planning to invest in the installation of a publicly accessible and intelligent charging station between