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Latest news & developments

Changes to the system of non recurring result linked benefits

11 December 2018

Last month, the National Labour Council approved the Collective Bargaining Agreement nr. 90/3, which introduced a number of changes to the regulations on non recurring result linked benefits. Introduction The system of non recurring result linked benefits was introduced by the Collective Bargaining Agreement nr. 90 and allows employers to grant bonuses to their workers,

Income tax thresholds for gifts to employees have been increased

10 December 2018

In our newsletter of 27 November, we recalled the possibility to present employees with year-end gifts, free from social security contributions and income taxes. We mentioned that, although the maximum amount of those gifts for social security purposes was increased in July, the income tax amount was not yet adjusted accordingly. However, on 5 December,

Mobility budget (and changes on mobility allowance) sent to parliament for approval

5 December 2018

The draft legislation on the introduction of a Mobility Budget and the draft legislation on the changes to the law introducing a Mobility Allowance have been sent to parliament by the Federal government. As a quick reminder The idea of the mobility budget is (just like the mobility allowance) to stimulate employees who have a