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Latest news & developments

19 April 2024

Adapted tax provisions regarding ‘judicial reorganisations’ offer new opportunities… and challenges

Recent adjustments of tax provisions regarding ‘judicial reorganizations’ offer new opportunities and challenges for distressed companies and their creditors. Most of these adjustments, aligning tax law with the updated insolvency law, entered into force with retroactive effect to 1 September 2023.  The law of 28 December 2023 containing various tax measures has adapted the tax

10 April 2024

Mixed and partial VAT payers: Extended submission deadline for VAT real use deduction method

Mixed VAT deduction, particularly prevalent among real estate, financial and holding entities, has seen significant changes since last year. For mixed and partial VAT payers employing the real-use deduction method, new specific annual information submission requirements have been introduced, necessitating submissions through the Intervat system. The required information to be submitted in 2024 includes: Full

5 April 2024

Additional details about the UK CBAM and its onset from January 1, 2027

Following the EU’s lead with the CBAM in October 2023, the UK has initiated its own version, also aiming to achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. The UK announced plans for its CBAM in December 2023, signalling a significant move towards sustainability and carbon pricing. Additional information regarding the planned implementation of

2 April 2024

Belgian draft law amending the investment deduction and innovation income deduction regime

On 29 February 2024, a draft law was submitted covering (amongst others) the investment deduction regime.  The proposed changes to the investment deduction included in the preliminary draft law have largely been retained in the draft law submitted by the Belgian government to parliament (see also our newsflash of 14 November 2023). The following items

28 March 2024

Exemption of withholding tax for night and shift work, a new measure for variable shifts

On 22 March 2024 (published on 27 March 2024), the Federal government introduced amendments to a draft bill which outline a new transitional measure regarding the withholding tax exemption for night and shift work.  This transitional measure, referred to as “variant bis” is in response to the uncertainty that arose after the Constitutional Court opened