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Latest news & developments

9 July 2024

Reclaiming immovable withholding tax may reduce the cost of vacant real estate

When increased interest rates and relatively high indexation make the economic outlook uncertain, companies might look to cut unnecessary costs. Although the strong changes in indexation during 2023 seem to be mostly behind us – indexation currently averaging between 2 and 3% in Belgium – indexation still has a big impact on the tax situation

2 July 2024

Pillar 2 notification: Administrative tolerance until 16 September

On 29 May 2024, the Royal Decree was published requiring Belgian entities of a Multinational Group to register with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises (KBO or BCE) in order to comply with the Pillar 2 compliance formalities within 30 days after the first day of the first year in scope of Pillar 2 (or before

24 June 2024

Is your company ready for the upcoming compliance deadline?

Statutory financial statements As you probably are aware, Belgian companies should annually deposit their statutory financial statements with the National Bank of Belgium. Filing should be done within 30 days after the financial accounts have been approved by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and no later than 7 months after the end of the

13 June 2024

Tax Bites Podcast – What’s going on at the UN? The draft Terms of Reference for negotiating a Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation

In this episode, we share our first impressions on the ‘Zero Draft’ Terms of Reference (ToR) for a UN Framework Convention on International Tax Cooperation released by the United Nations (UN) on 7 June 2024. Furthermore, we provide a brief overview of other important international and European tax developments. Tune in to get our first take on

12 June 2024

Pillar 2 rules in an M&A context: time for action!

The OECD’s Pillar 2 rules have introduced a global minimum effective taxation of 15% for multinational enterprises or large domestic groups. Urgent action should be taken by all groups subject to the new mandatory pillar 2 notification, which is due by 13 July 2024. But also in transactions, the potential impact of pillar 2 should

12 June 2024

Royal Decree on Public Country by Country Reporting published

On 6 June 2024, the Royal Decree on public country by country reporting (PCbCR) was published in the Belgian official gazette  (See also our earlier messages on the introduction of public country by country reporting in Belgium of  4 June 2021 and 17 November 2023).  This Royal Decree modifies the Royal Decree of 29 April