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Latest news & developments

18 September 2023

Tax Bites Podcast – The new BEFIT proposal and International Tax Webinar Trilogue

The new BEFIT proposal and International Tax Webinar Trilogue On 12 September  the European Commission published its long anticipated BEFIT proposal together with a proposal for a transfer pricing directive. In this podcast we discuss the content of these proposals and reflect on the impact for business. In line with this topic, you can still

18 September 2023

A revamping of the investment support mechanism in Wallonia

To enhance clarity and amplify the leverage effects of incentives, Minister of economy in Wallonia, Willy Borsus, has taken substantial steps towards revamping the investment support mechanism by developing a points-based quality assessment system.  From March 2024 onwards, this mechanism will be implemented to assess whether an investment project is eligible for the investment aid.

18 September 2023

PwC’s Workforce Podcast – On the Move: Workforce Mobility Insights

PwC’s Workforce podcast Empowering the workforce through the People Value Proposition Welcome to On the Move: Workforce Mobility Insights, the podcast dedicated to exploring how mobility impacts job satisfaction, work-life balance, and sustainability. In this episode, we discuss the evolving expectations of mobility in the workforce. Discover the challenges employers face today and how they can

8 September 2023

Tax Bites Podcast: Amount B is back – what does it mean?

Amount B is back – what does it mean? In this episode the speakers will give an update on the current status and content of Amount B, what it means for businesses, next steps to consider along with some crystal ball predictions on the likelihood and breadth of the impact. About the speakers: Gilles Franssens

25 August 2023

Statutory financial statements filing deadline has passed: time for action

Belgian companies having a 31 December year-end should have deposited their statutory financial statements with the National Bank of Belgium (“NBB”) at the latest by 31 July 2023 at the very latest.  Late filing results in a number of negative consequences from a financial, director’s liability and corporate income tax perspective (see below). If your

23 August 2023

CBAM – Implementing act approved and guidance released

On 17 August 2023, the European Commission adopted the Implementing Regulation for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). The approved Implementing Regulation and accompanying guidance:  Confirms the reporting obligations for the CBAM Transitional Period, which commences on 1 October 2023. Furthermore, it confirms that the CBAM reporting requirements and methodology will provide some flexibility when

16 August 2023

Interest paid to qualifying foreign EEA AIFs may now benefit from the Belgian WHT exemption

On 26 July, a new Royal Decree amending the Royal Decree implementing the Belgian Income tax code (RD/BITC) was published. The Decree includes various amendments, but one of the main updates was the extension of the withholding tax (WHT) exemption to Belgian sourced interest paid to foreign institutional Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). In principle, interest