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15 October 2021

Upcoming changes to the Belgian expat regime – What’s on the table?

What has been in the air for some time is probably becoming a reality, at an accelerated pace. In the framework of the agreement on the Belgian budget, the Federal Government announced its intention to amend the special regime for foreign executives, who are working temporarily in Belgium under specific conditions, by reducing certain benefits

14 October 2021

EU cooperative compliance project for transfer pricing announced

The European Commission (EC) has recently published guidelines on the European Trust and Cooperation Approach (ETACA), a pilot project on cooperative compliance within the EU specifically focusing on transfer pricing risks for large multinationals.  The ETACA pilot was already announced in the Action Plan for fair and simple taxation supporting the recovery strategy (see also

13 October 2021

Belgian government announces measures to transition Belgian economy post-covid

Yesterday, the Belgian Government reached an agreement on the Belgian budget. The budget agreement combines a number of measures to transition the Belgian economy after Covid in an environmentally balanced manner. Some points will need further agreement with the social partners, and some measures are taken explicitly in view of the recent surge of energy

11 October 2021

Subsidy for SMEs that make water saving investments

The Flemish government has launched the new Blue Deal subsidy measure ‘water saving investments’. A call for SMEs that invest in technologies that save on the use of drinking, ground and/or surface water. The Blue Deal flows out of the Flemish governments’ goal of structurally tackling the fight against drought and water scarcity with major

11 October 2021

Political agreement on fundamental overhaul of the international tax system

On 8 October 2021, the Inclusive Framework (IF) announced a further agreement backed by 136 (out of 140) members of the Inclusive Framework on the two-pillar approach. In the last few days, a number of countries that initially opposed the reform are now also signing up for it (e.g. Hungary, Ireland and Estonia). With this,

23 September 2021

Tax Bites Podcast: Recovering from COVID-19 – can tax play a role?

In this episode, Nancy De Beule, Florian Jacobfeuerborn and Jurgen Coessens explore how tax can play a role in the economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. These M&A  experts use their experience in the Belgian market to explore the risks and pitfalls in relation to taxation and post-COVID recovery. They share valuable insights, relevant beyond Belgium,