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Latest news & developments

27 January 2021

New Anti-Abuse Rules for Indirect Taxes

The bill introducing an annual tax on securities accounts also plans to introduce new specific and general anti-abuse rules applicable to all the indirect taxes ruled by the Code of Various Duties and Taxes. As regards the tax on securities accounts, these anti-abuse rules would retroactively apply as from 30th October 2020 so as to

26 January 2021

Tax Bites Podcast: How do you keep the effect of COVID at arm’s length?

In the final days of 2020, the OECD released guidelines on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on transfer pricing. Pieter Deré, is joined by our transfer pricing experts, Jonas Van de Gucht, Stefaan De Baets and Alexis De Méyère. They will discuss the impact of the OECD transfer pricing guidelines on multinationals’  transfer pricing

22 January 2021

R&D wage withholding tax incentive – Mind the (expanded) formalism and prepare yourself!

Just like last year (see our earlier newsflash), the Belgian tax authorities have been issuing extensive and numerous tax audits with respect to the application of the wage withholding tax exemption for Research and Development. Please find hereafter some important key takeaways. Mind the formalism and be prepared to substantiate the incentive claimed! Mind the (expanded) formalism

22 January 2021

Belgian withholding taxes on French dividends will drop significantly

After a long juridical battle, the Belgian Ministry of Finance will accept the ruling of the Belgian Supreme Court/Court of Cassation which allows private individuals investing in French stocks on the stock market, to subtract a part of the French withholding taxes from the Belgian withholding taxes which are due on dividends received from those

20 January 2021

New obligations of the Belgian UBO register

In our previous newsflash, we already informed you about the new (disclosure) obligations in the UBO-register imposed by the Royal Decree of 23 September 2020. Our experience shows us that, as it was previously not required by the Law, for many companies currently not all information on intermediary entities has been recorded in the UBO-register

14 January 2021

Next Generation Europe – Europe’s recovery and resilience plan

COVID-19 has shaken Europe and the world to its core, testing our welfare and healthcare systems, our economies and societies, as well as our way of living and working together. To facilitate the repair of the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the pandemic and prepare for a better, stable future, the European

13 January 2021

New Tax on Securities Accounts: Exemptions for the Financial Sector

On 5 January 2021, the Government published its bill introducing an annual tax on securities accounts in the Code of Various Duties and Taxes. As a recall, the tax is an annual tax on the holding of a securities account, levied at the rate of 0.15% on the average value of the account in excess

12 January 2021

PwC’s Tax Bites podcast: Tax in 2021 – what to expect?

2020 was in many ways a challenging year, with several developments materialising in the tax domain. What will 2021 bring us in the area of taxation? Listen to our first Tax Bites podcast of the year to find out. In this episode, Pieter Deré is joined by Ellen Cortvriend, Gilles Franssens and Jean-Philippe Van West to take a closer look at the