News articles written by Evi Geerts

Webcast on 27 November: “How US Tax Reform impacts European Multinationals”

21 November 2017

As you may be aware, the Senate Finance Committee on 16 November 2017 approved a Senate version of US tax reform legislation. The Finance Committee action comes after the House of Representatives on the same day voted to pass the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ (HR 1). These actions indicate Congress’s continued efforts to enact major

Insights into the OECD final report on branch mismatch structures

1 September 2017

The OECD, on 27 July 2017, released its report, Neutralising the Effects of Branch Mismatch Arrangements Action 2 (see previous coverage). The report recommends domestic law changes to neutralise the effect of certain payments or deemed payments involving branches. These recommendations are not a minimum standard, but some countries may choose to adopt all or

Belgian Act on the exchange of tax rulings and country-by-country reports formally adopted

16 August 2017

On 11 August 2017, a Bill was published in the Belgian Official Gazette implementing into Belgian tax law several EU Directives (see previous coverage) regarding the automatic and compulsory exchange of information in the field of taxation. The Bill formally transposes (i) Directive 2015/2376/EU, the so-called DAC 3, and (ii) part of the Directive 2016/881/EU, the so-called DAC

Protocol to Belgium-Switzerland Double Tax Treaty enters into force

16 August 2017

According to the Swiss Federal Department of Finance the additional protocol to the Double Tax Treaty (‘DTT’) between Belgium and Switzerland, that has been signed on April 10, 2014 has entered into force as of July 19, 2017 and will generally apply as from January 2018. In general terms, the protocol brings the current DTT,

UK introduces new corporation tax limitation on interest deductibility

6 March 2017

The draft UK Finance Bill 2017 was published in early December 2016. The Bill contains detailed draft legislation to introduce a new limitation on the deductibility of interest expense from corporate profits. These rules, which were further amended on January 26, 2017, will apply to amounts accruing after April 1, 2017. The rules limit a