News articles written by Evi Geerts

PwC’s Tax Bites podcast: OECD issues Administrative Guidance on Pillar 2

3 February 2023

In this episode, we discuss our first impressions of the 111-page Administrative Guidance on Pillar 2 published by the OECD on Thursday, 2 February 2023. A wide range of issues related to the GloBE Rules and Commentary were addressed in the guidance, and our experts also welcomed the additional clarification and examples, including those on

Formal adoption of the EU Directive on ensuring a global minimum level of taxation

16 December 2022

What has happened? The EU Member States have reached an agreement to implement Pillar 2 to ensure a global minimum taxation for large groups.  Political support is confirmed now that Pillar 2 has been enshrined legislatively in an EU Directive which was adopted unanimously by all EU Member States.  The Directive should be implemented into

Hungary lifts veto on Pillar 2 – Council reaches unanimity

13 December 2022

  Last night the EU Council  reached an agreement to implement Pillar 2 (press release) after Hungary dropped its veto on the matter. The next step is to start the written procedure and to publish the Pillar 2 Directive in the Official Journal of the EU. The envisaged timeline to implement Pillar 2 into domestic

Belgian government agrees on federal budget: an overview of what you should know

12 October 2022

After intense negotiations, the Belgian government reached an agreement on the Belgian federal budget. Addressing the ongoing energy crisis, limiting the budgetary deficit and stimulating employment are some of the key topics that have shaped the agreement.  It also contains several important tax measures an overview below:    Temporary Belgian minimum tax: as a result of

EU Green Deal update – Agreement by the European Parliament on the key Fit for 55 proposals and common position on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

27 June 2022

On Wednesday, June 22, the European Parliament adopted some key elements of the Fit for 55 Package, namely the EU Emission Trading System (ETS), the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the Social Climate Fund. One day before, the European Parliament and the Council also reached a provisional agreement on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. 

The EU is accelerating the green transition: REPowerEU and ETS/CBAM update

25 May 2022

Last week was an important week for the EU’s Green Deal ambitions. On Tuesday 17 May the European Parliament ENVI Committee adopted updated proposals on CBAM and the ETS reform. And the following day the European Commission presented its REPowerEU plan. What is the REPowerEU Plan and why should you care? The aim of the