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COVID-19 #4 Sale-and-lease-back to generate cash

25 March 2020

Over the last week, we informed you about unexpected tax cash out effects from debt waivers, pitfalls relating to capitalising companies in financial distress and tax challenges of changing financing terms. As countries are preparing for longer lockdown periods then initially anticipated, it will not come as a surprise that many companies are trying to

Belgian transfer pricing audits: new wave initiated

25 March 2020

Last week, the Belgian tax authorities have initiated a new wave of transfer pricing audits. Multiple taxpayers have already received or will receive in the next few days an in-depth questionnaire that focuses on their transfer pricing arrangements. The request for information on intercompany transactions and activities of the Belgian company or branch is the

COVID-19: no general “force majeure” tolerance for cross-border employment

24 March 2020

In our newsflash of 13 March 2020, we highlighted that since the COVID-19 outbreak many companies find themselves confronted with questions regarding unforeseen and forced changes in the working pattern of employees who perform activities in surrounding countries (such as Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany and France). One of the main questions that arises is whether the

COVID-19 update: Circular letter on exemption conditions for write-downs on trade receivables

24 March 2020

Aware of the significant impact of the pandemic on the economy, the Belgian tax authorities have very recently published an updated circular letter on the exemption conditions for write-downs on trade receivables (Circular 2020/C/45 dated 23 March 2020). In this circular letter, the tax authorities acknowledge the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the drastic

COVID-19 impact: how to quickly resolve bottlenecks with automation technologies?

24 March 2020

Breaking processes and overwhelmed help lines with chatbots and other digital technologies.   COVID-19’s impact has surprised all and very few can claim they were fully prepared. The news and updates are rolling and government measures are continuously being updated. What about putting people in technical unemployment with a special premium system? Great idea, but

Temporary unemployment and group insurance – points of attention

24 March 2020

The Belgian system of temporary unemployment is – as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – currently being used by more employers than ever before. It’s, however, essential to make sure there are no unintended consequences as a result of deploying temporary unemployment in the company. Against that backdrop, it’s important to point out that