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Latest news & developments

Benefit in kind – Private use of a company car: updated formula for 2019

3 January 2019

The new reference CO2 emission for calculating the taxable benefit in kind for the private use of a company car in the hands of company directors and employees has been published on 27 December 2018 (Royal Decree of 19 December 2018). For income year 2019, the following CO2 emission will be applied to the above

Company provided housing – benefit in kind – change in tax law

2 January 2019

When a company puts a house or an apartment at the disposal of one of its directors or employees, a taxable benefit in kind arises in the hands of the beneficiary. Discriminatory old rules During many years, the calculation of this benefit in kind depended on whether the housing was provided by an individual (100/60

Christmas gifts to contractors, how and what?

21 December 2018

In our newsletters of 27 November 2018 and 10 December 2018 we recalled the possibility for employer to present year-end gifts to employees with a maximum value of EUR 40 for the occasion of Saint-Nicholas, Christmas and New Year. Indeed, provided that certain conditions are met, these gifts can be free from social security contributions

Foreign real estate funds eligible for Dutch FBI tax exemption

20 December 2018

On 23 November 2018, the Lower Court in Breda, the Netherlands, decided that a German Open-Ended Public Fund (represented by PwC) was entitled to the FBI regime providing, among others, for a 0% Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rate on Dutch source real estate income. The Court also ruled that the portfolio investment test (one of

Adjusted calculation method for profit premiums

19 December 2018

On 6 December, the Chamber approved the Act holding several employment provisions. One of the chapters of this Act adjusts the system of profit premiums, by introducing the possibility of a pro rata calculation in this respect. Background: the profit premium The system of profit premiums entered into force on 1 January 2018 and enables