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Latest news & developments

Belgian Act on the exchange of tax rulings and country-by-country reports formally adopted

16 August 2017

On 11 August 2017, a Bill was published in the Belgian Official Gazette implementing into Belgian tax law several EU Directives (see previous coverage) regarding the automatic and compulsory exchange of information in the field of taxation. The Bill formally transposes (i) Directive 2015/2376/EU, the so-called DAC 3, and (ii) part of the Directive 2016/881/EU, the so-called DAC

Protocol to Belgium-Switzerland Double Tax Treaty enters into force

16 August 2017

According to the Swiss Federal Department of Finance the additional protocol to the Double Tax Treaty (‘DTT’) between Belgium and Switzerland, that has been signed on April 10, 2014 has entered into force as of July 19, 2017 and will generally apply as from January 2018. In general terms, the protocol brings the current DTT,

Belgian tax reform: Personal income tax – profit participation premium

10 August 2017

Remark: the following announced measure will have to be formalised in draft legislation which should only be available as from September/October. Only then will full details be known. As already mentioned in the PwC Newsflash of 4 August, the federal government reached an agreement on 26 July 2017 on important tax, economic and social reform

Double Tax Treaty Belgium – the Netherlands: application of the 183-days rule

8 August 2017

When a tax resident of Belgium is physically carrying out (a part of) his or her employment activities abroad, it should be determined if and to what extent the work state may levy income taxes. Based on article 15 of The Belgian-Dutch double tax treaty, employment income derived by a tax resident of Belgium will

Belgian tax reform: impact on M&A

7 August 2017

The Belgian government has reached an agreement on an important tax, economic and social reform package. The contemplated changes aim to boost the Belgian economy through an investment friendly climate, but could also significantly impact deal structuring and due diligence processes. The highlights of the contemplated tax reform are the gradual reduction of the Belgian corporate

Belgian tax reform: new chapter

4 August 2017

On 26 July 2017, the federal government reached a ‘summer agreement’ on an important tax, economic and social reform package. The tax reform is built around three pillars: budget neutrality, simplification and fair taxation. On top of the tax reform, several additional measures will be taken to boost job creation, with corresponding investments in the