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Belgian Tax on Savings Income (art. 19bis BITC): Important Practice Note

4 October 2019

Last week, the Belgian tax authorities published a practice note commenting on the scope of application of the Belgian Tax on Savings Income (or “Reynders Tax”). Capital Gains Tax. As a recall, the Belgian Tax on Savings Income (“BTSI”), also referred to as the Reynders Tax, (the main provision of which being “art. 19bis” of the Belgian Income Tax

New Flemish Government: announcement gift & inheritance tax measures

3 October 2019

On 30 September 2019, the Flemish negotiating political parties presented the Flemish Coalition Agreement (the Agreement), setting the scene and focus areas for the Flemish Government in the 5 years to come (read the full text here). The last chapter of the agreement outlines the priorities of this Flemish Government in terms of finances and

Withholding tax exemption for shift work – Update

2 October 2019

Incorrect application of the withholding tax exemption for shift work can result in very substantial claims from the tax authorities. In a recent newspaper it was for example pointed out that VAB is risking to pay millions of euros to the Belgian tax authorities in case it would lose its case before court. Shiftwork is defined by law