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Latest news & developments

8 June 2022

Ecology Premium Plus (EP+): updated list of eligible technologies

The EP+ is a Flemish funding programme that supports all sizes of Flanders-based companies for ecological investments in some specific technologies, listed on the so-called LTL or limitative technology list. Funding rates typically range from 15% to 45% on the additional cost (compared to a conventional technology) depending on the selected technology and the size

8 June 2022

The Luxembourg Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) – Updated

Luxembourg RAIFs are increasingly used in order to provide debt funding for acquisitions. Until recently it was uncertain how interest paid by a Belgian company to a RAIF is to be treated from a Belgian withholding tax perspective. Two recent decisions of the Belgian Supreme Court provide more clarity. The RAIF Regime  In 2016, Luxembourg

3 June 2022

Key real estate issues in the due diligence process of M&A transactions raised by the New Property Law

Following the New Property Law of 4 February 2020 (which entered into force on 1st September 2021), important changes were introduced regarding amongst others long term lease rights and building rights. These changes can also have an impact on M&A transactions, for certain topics more flexibility is created whereas for other topics the New Property Law is more strict. Learn more

3 June 2022

New call for projects investing in closing waste to raw material cycles

The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) has opened a new call to support companies in the Flemish region that want to invest in innovative technologies for recycling projects that convert waste materials into raw materials. Up to 35% of the additional costs of the new technology compared to conventional technology can be funded. The

25 May 2022

The EU is accelerating the green transition: REPowerEU and ETS/CBAM update

Last week was an important week for the EU’s Green Deal ambitions. On Tuesday 17 May the European Parliament ENVI Committee adopted updated proposals on CBAM and the ETS reform. And the following day the European Commission presented its REPowerEU plan. What is the REPowerEU Plan and why should you care? The aim of the

12 May 2022

Changes to the Belgian expat tax regime – Circular 2022/C/47

In the continuation of our series of newsflashes (last published on 10 March 2022 and 31 March 2022) in view of the new expatriate tax regime which came into effect on 1st January 2022, we would like to inform you that the tax authorities have issued their comments and views on this new regime in