News articles written by Giovanni Gijsels

Additional details about the UK CBAM and its onset from January 1, 2027

5 April 2024

Following the EU’s lead with the CBAM in October 2023, the UK has initiated its own version, also aiming to achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. The UK announced plans for its CBAM in December 2023, signalling a significant move towards sustainability and carbon pricing. Additional information regarding the planned implementation of

It’s a wrap! CBAM Roundtables at our PwC Liege, Antwerp and Brussels Campuses on the topic of ‘CBAM: Transitional period – Lessons learnt from the first reporting’.

22 February 2024

The events were attended by our clients and companies in scope of CBAM, the industry’s federation members, the officials from the Belgian Customs Authority as well as the members from the National Competent Authority for CBAM in Belgium, the FPS Public Health.  We thank all the participants for their valuable insights and sharing their experiences

CBAM Registry’s Technical Issues: EU Addresses Concerns in Last-Minute Press Release

30 January 2024

The European Commission has taken action regarding the technical issues affecting the submission of data for the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the Import Control System 2 (ICS2). These problems have arisen from a technical fault impacting several EU customs systems, including the CBAM Transitional Registry. In response, systems updates have been made

CBAM – Calculation methods for the embedded emissions

17 January 2024

The specific embedded emissions of goods produced in an installation are determined according to one of the following methods (Article 4(1) CBAM Implementing Regulation): a determination of the emissions from the source streams based on activity data obtained from laboratory analyses or standard values using measurement systems and calculation factors; or  a determination of the

Countdown Alert! The 1st CBAM Report deadline is less than 20 days away

12 January 2024

Take a moment to assess your organisation’s reporting readiness! – Ensure which (all) of your entities need to report before the deadline. – Verify that you have access to the EU CBAM Reporting (CBAM Transitional Registry) for all of your reporting entities and the person(s) responsible. – Manage a base-level data for reporting so you

Default Values for the Transitional Period of the EU CBAM published

22 December 2023

Good news! We have an early Christmas present from the Commission. On 22 December 2023, the EU Commission published the long awaited Default Values for the Transitional Period of the EU CBAM between 1 October 2023 and 31 December 2025. Do note that for each import of goods for which the reporting declarant does not

2024 is almost here and so is the deadline for the 1st CBAM Report!

20 December 2023

As most of us are headed towards the festive holiday season, and close 2023 with a winter break, the situation is slightly complex for firms in the EU who are subject to the mandatory CBAM Reporting, starting in 2024. Wrapping up this year’s tasks, taking the usual year-end break, and starting the new year 2024 with