News articles written by Tim Pieters

Important update on payments to tax havens for assessment year 2021

1 July 2021

Companies making direct or indirect payments to recipients established in so-called tax havens are required to report these payments where they in total exceed EUR 100,000 during the taxable period. A tax haven is defined as a country that does not effectively or substantially apply the standard on exchange of information on request (so-called OECD

From YOUR ERP to FEE FORMS 281.50 in one click?

6 May 2021

Fee forms 281.50 require to be filed on or before 29 June of the year following the calendar year during which charges and/or attributions relating to commissions, fees, trade discounts, allowances or fringe benefits, … were made.  If the above-mentioned charges and/or attributions are not properly reported on these forms in due time, the taxpayer

Filing your Belgian corporate income tax return and local form – due date information

24 March 2021

How to ensure timely filing ? Belgian companies (and non-resident companies with a Belgian establishment) have the yearly obligation to file a Belgian (non-resident) corporate income tax return within the statutory deadline. As of this year, the general principle states that regardless of the date of the general meeting, a financial year that ended per

Advance tax payments: first deadline of the financial year 2021

19 March 2021

Unless a company pays its Belgian corporate income taxes due by means of timely advance tax payments during the financial year concerned, a surcharge is due on the final amount of Belgian corporate income tax due upon assessment. If advance tax payments are made, credits – which can be offset against the surcharge – are

Additional extension for the filing of corporate tax returns: 16 November 2020

13 October 2020

In the newsflash of July 2020, we informed you that the Minister of Finance decided to extend the initial filing due date for filing the corporate income tax returns of assessment year 2020 to 29 October 2020. All Belgian companies (and foreign entities having a Belgian establishment) could benefit from this extension. It has now

Corporate tax update: Recent circular letter, advance tax payments Q3 opportunity

21 September 2020

Considering the exceptional business environment various corporate income tax measures have been taken to sustain the liquidity and solvability position of both resident and non-resident corporate taxpayers. Advance tax payments A recent circular letter of 1 September 2020 confirmed the conditions and increased credit percentages for advance tax payments that can be made in the

Data automation and XML conversion for the social passive exemption

10 July 2020

The introduction of the unified employment status as from 1 January 2014 results generally in increased dismissal costs for employers. To support employers in dealing with these increased costs of dismissal, the legislator introduced the so-called ‘Exemption for social passive’. See one of our previous posts for more detail on the “corporate tax exemption for