News articles written by Tim Pieters

Advance tax payments: Mind the significant increase of the surcharge

7 March 2024

A surcharge is due on the final amount of Belgian corporate income tax payable upon assessment in case a company doesn’t settle its Belgian corporate income taxes due by means of timely advance tax payments during the financial year concerned. Please be advised that the global surcharge will be increased to 9% for assessment year

Transform your business with Power BI visualizations!

11 April 2023

In today’s business landscape, data is king. Companies are generating more data than ever before. However, without the right tools, it can be overwhelming and difficult to grasp the essence of it all in a concise manner. This is where Power BI visualizations can make a difference. Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool

Are you ready for the next compliance deadlines?

30 March 2023

The focus on compliance from different stakeholders has become even more important lately. Meeting deadlines and avoiding penalties is the general expectation but a true challenge for many companies. Therefore, we are glad to share a compliance timeline again. It is a little roadmap to help you keep track of the most important deadlines upcoming

Is your company ready for the digitalization of the Belgian (tax) authorities?

8 February 2023

The world is becoming more and more digital and also the Belgian (tax) authorities are catching up in this field. MyMinfin, e-Box, MyTax, WSE loket are only some of the digital applications currently being launched by the (tax) authorities in Belgium. Not only communications and documents are being digitized, also certain filings can no longer

Automation of statutory and tax reporting: the time to act is now

12 December 2022

Are you dealing with statutory and tax reporting? Is your reporting spreadsheet-based, with many human interventions, causing mistakes or frustrations from time to time? Is your reporting due in a very short-timeframe, whilst you have no sufficient resources in your department to keep up with ever increasing finance and tax requirements? Then the time to

Third quarter advance tax payment for assessment year 2023

6 October 2022

Companies with a year-end closing on 31 December 2022 have the opportunity to make an advance tax payment for the third quarter of the year until 10 October 2022 to avoid or reduce a tax surcharge. This tax surcharge of 6,75% will be applied on the final amount of the Belgian corporate income tax due upon assessment. If,