News articles written by Pieter Deré

Belgian draft law amending the investment deduction and innovation income deduction regime

2 April 2024

On 29 February 2024, a draft law was submitted covering (amongst others) the investment deduction regime.  The proposed changes to the investment deduction included in the preliminary draft law have largely been retained in the draft law submitted by the Belgian government to parliament (see also our newsflash of 14 November 2023). The following items

Deadline for first DAC7 reporting now imminent

19 January 2024

DAC 7 recap In previous alerts we informed you that the DAC7 reporting obligation impacts various digital platforms operators. The scope of this obligation relates in a broad sense to platforms (any software, including a website, application, and so forth) that facilitate, directly or indirectly, the connection between sellers and buyers for the carrying out

Tax Bites Podcast – Future-proofing your statutory reporting function (Part 5)

19 December 2023

Future-proofing your statutory reporting function: managing transformations in the STAT & tax function In this fifth and final episode of our mini-series, we want to bring it all together. How do companies deliver in practice on the transformation of their STAT & tax function. How do they start such transformation projects? How do they manage