News articles written by Hugues Lamon

Is your upper-tier structure BEPS-proof?

9 October 2015

The OECD BEPS Action Plan and parallel developments impact each layer of a multinational structure, including the upper tier. Specifically, having insufficient relevant substance at upper tier level could cause your return on investment to decrease significantly (by up to 25% based on the current Belgian withholding tax rate). On top, we expect that the

Impact of BEPS on M&A – Why should we care?

29 September 2015

The OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project (BEPS) project is the answer of the G20 to the current public debate around the use of privileged regimes. It is meant to define rules for a fairer and more equitable system of corporate income taxation. From an M&A perspective, it adds a layer of complexity and