News articles written by Lionel Van Reet

EU Combined Nomenclature 2021 published

23 November 2020

On 30 October 2020 a new version of the Combined Nomenclature for 2021 (also known as “the Tariff”) has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The Tariff is used for the classification of the goods for imports and trade between the EU member states (i.e. Intrastat). The new version of the

FTA between EU and Viet Nam to enter into force 1 August 2020

14 July 2020

On 30 June 2020 it was published in the Official journal of the European Union that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union (EU) and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (Viet Nam) will enter into force on August first of this year.   What can this possibly mean for your company? If

ICS2 – Coming new EU customs pre-arrival security and safety program

11 June 2020

The European Union will launch a new EU customs pre-arrival security and safety program which will be handled via the so-called Import Control System 2 (ICS2), a large-scale information system. The new program is essential for managing entry security and safety border controls. The program will help to establish an integrated EU approach to reinforce

UK has published its future import tariffs

10 June 2020

During the current Brexit transition period, goods can still be shipped tariff free and without import and export formalities from the EU mainland to the UK and vice versa. After the transition period, scheduled for 1 January 2021, EU – UK trade will be subject to import and export formalities and the UK will set

Union Customs Code enters into force on 1 May 2016

19 April 2016

On 1 May 2016, the Regulation (No 952/2013) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 October 2013 laying down the Unions Customs Code will enter into force. Apart from major changes to the Community Customs Code, the Regulation also confers powers on the Commission to adopt Delegated Acts in order to supplement certain