News articles written by Nicolas de Limbourg

Update – New rules regarding the lump-sum value for PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet & internet put at the disposal via the employer – Royal decree enacted

13 November 2017

In our Newsflash of 26 October 2017, we already made reference to new upcoming lump sum values. These anticipated changes have now been introduced by the Royal Decree of 2 November 2017, which was published in the Official Gazette on 13 November 2017. As from 1 January 2018, the following lump-sum valuations will be applicable

Belgian Tax reform: Individuals – Reduction of tax benefits

12 October 2017

In the scope of the agreement reached during the summer, the federal government announced several new tax measures. From a personal tax point of view, one of the changes foreseen is to reduce the tax benefits granted to people for whom the taxable period does not correspond to a full calendar year. In such case,

Business travel within Belgium: new rules for lump-sum cost reimbursements

9 October 2017

General principle An employer can reimburse employees for business related expenses. In principle, the reimbursement of genuine business expenses is not treated as taxable income in the hands of the employees and company directors, as it concerns costs proper to the employer or company. In practice, business expenses are often reimbursed via detailed expense reports

New daily lump-sum allowances list as from 1 October 2017

3 October 2017

An employer/company can pay daily lump-sum allowances for foreign business travel to employees or company directors in order to reimburse certain expenses. If the lump-sum reimbursements for short-term business trips abroad (not exceeding 30 calendar days) are determined on the basis of the list of allowances paid by the Federal Public Department of Foreign Affairs

Belgian tax reform: Personal income tax – profit participation premium

10 August 2017

Remark: the following announced measure will have to be formalised in draft legislation which should only be available as from September/October. Only then will full details be known. As already mentioned in the PwC Newsflash of 4 August, the federal government reached an agreement on 26 July 2017 on important tax, economic and social reform