News articles written by Nicolas de Limbourg

New lump-sum amount for reimbursement of business use of private car

24 June 2017

Employees using a privately-owned car for business purposes can now be reimbursed a lump-sum amount of EUR 0.3460 per kilometre. Costs that an employee incurs when using a privately-owned car for business purposes can be reimbursed by the employer free of income tax and exempt from social security contributions. Repayment can be made on a

Launch of new tax audits in 2017

21 April 2017

The Belgian tax authorities have recently announced their new focus areas for upcoming tax audits. The aim is to encourage individuals and companies to fulfil their tax obligations ‘spontaneously’ and in a ‘correct manner’. Taxpayers may expect questions from the tax authorities or a tax audit may be triggered in relation to their personal income tax

New legislative proposal: net compensation replacing eco vouchers

6 February 2017

Members of the four federal majority parties (N-VA, MR, CD&V and Open VLD) have introduced a new legislative initiative concerning the abolishment of eco vouchers and the replacement of this system by cash compensation equivalent to the value of eco vouchers. As an alternative way of payment, eco vouchers are paper or electronic vouchers that

Update – New upcoming tax measures – Program Act enacted

3 January 2017

In our Newsflash of 7 November 2016 we already made reference to new upcoming tax measures. Certain of these anticipated changes have now been introduced by the Program Act of 25 December 2016, which was published in the Official Gazette on 29 December 2016. From a personal income tax perspective, the above Program Act introduces