News articles written by Pascal Janssens

Brexit update – EU Commission encourage stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal

14 June 2019

The European Commission issued further guidance earlier this week on a no-deal Brexit. Although the European Commission sees an increase in the EORI registrations as well as in the AEO certifications, it strongly encourage the stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal and to take advantage of the extension till 31 October 2019. The European Commission

Brexit Update – Mrs May resigns

24 May 2019

One step closer to a no-deal Brexit? After three failed attempts to convince the members of parliament (MP’s) to support her EU withdrawal agreement, Mrs May has announced today that she will step down as prime minister of the UK. Only this Tuesday, Mrs May gave a speech in which she unveiled a 10-point plan

ECJ on sale-and-leaseback: new and interesting development in VAT

4 April 2019

Last week the EU Court of Justice handed down a very interesting judgment regarding sale-and -leaseback transactions. The judgment radically impacts the way such and similar transactions are currently treated from a VAT perspective in Belgium. Mydibel is a regular tax payer and the owner of several buildings in Belgium. Mydibel fully recovered  the VAT paid

Brexit Update – Mrs May sent back to Brussels Time to anticipate now!

30 January 2019

Yesterday the House of Commons voted on the amendments which will shape the next steps of the Brexit. Members of the Parliament voted the amendment to scrap the most difficult part of the Withdrawal Agreement; being the Irish back stop and send Mrs May back to Brussels for further negotiations. In response to the vote,