News articles written by Pascal Janssens

Update: Brexit extension and new UK elections

31 October 2019

The European Union agreed on a ‘flextension’ of the Brexit deadline to 31 January 2020 with the option for the UK to leave the EU earlier if the (re)negotiated Withdrawal Agreement is approved by both the UK Parliament and the European Parliament before that date. Specific terms were, however, specified by the EU27 as regards

Brexit Update – No Brexit deal Vote: MP’s force PM Johnson to seek further extension

19 October 2019

The UK Parliament was set to vote on PM Johnson’s exit deal today in its extraordinary Saturday sitting.  The Letwin amendment (voted by 322 to 306) however prevented the vote on the Brexit deal. The amendment as introduced by Mr Oliver Letwin says the House of Commons would “withhold support” from Johnson’s plan until all

Brexit update – EU Commission encourage stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal

14 June 2019

The European Commission issued further guidance earlier this week on a no-deal Brexit. Although the European Commission sees an increase in the EORI registrations as well as in the AEO certifications, it strongly encourage the stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal and to take advantage of the extension till 31 October 2019. The European Commission