News articles written by Pascale Moreau

Higher cost of dismissal as from 2019?

17 December 2018

The Unified Status Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2014, gave the social partners 5 years to agree on industry-specific measures to enhance the future employability of dismissed employees. If no such measures are agreed on by 1 January 2019, an additional social security contribution can become due in the event of dismissal

Changes to the system of non recurring result linked benefits

11 December 2018

Last month, the National Labour Council approved the Collective Bargaining Agreement nr. 90/3, which introduced a number of changes to the regulations on non recurring result linked benefits. Introduction The system of non recurring result linked benefits was introduced by the Collective Bargaining Agreement nr. 90 and allows employers to grant bonuses to their workers,

Schooling clause updated

15 October 2018

On October 4th, the Chamber approved a draft Act introducing a schooling clause for bottleneck jobs whereby the minimum salary threshold of € 34.180/year that is applicable as a condition for regular schooling clauses will no longer apply if the education to which the schooling clause relates, is for a “bottleneck job” (knelpuntberoep/métier en pénurie).

New social security treaty with Turkey

24 September 2018

As from 1 September 2018, the new bilateral social security treaty between Belgium and Turkey has entered into force. This new treaty replaces the previous 1966 treaty and updates its provisions to reflect both the changes in the contracting states’ social security legislation and the changed nature of international employment since 1966. Out with the

Binding nature A1 forms and notion of posting: CJEU confirms and clarifies

14 September 2018

In a recent judgement, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) again confirmed the binding nature of an A1 form – even when issued retroactively – for both the competent authorities and the courts of the host Member State to which an employee is posted. In addition, the Court clarified that, if a posted