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PwC’s Workforce Podcast – On the Move: Workforce Mobility Insights

18 September 2023

PwC’s Workforce podcast Empowering the workforce through the People Value Proposition Welcome to On the Move: Workforce Mobility Insights, the podcast dedicated to exploring how mobility impacts job satisfaction, work-life balance, and sustainability. In this episode, we discuss the evolving expectations of mobility in the workforce. Discover the challenges employers face today and how they can

R&D wage withholding tax exemption – Practical implications of the stringent implementation by tax authorities partly clarified. Your action required by August 1st, 2023

6 July 2023

Executive summary: The new position of the Belgian tax authorities regarding the notification of R&D programs and projects to Belspo is requiring a more proactive and detailed reporting As a result, the existing Belspo procedure of annual updates is temporarily abandoned in favor of multi-year applications including relevant R&D information Applicants are advised to update