Submitting data in XML: our capabilities for your challenges, coming up: the XML for applying the exemption for social passive?


The fee forms 281.50 related to commissions, fees, trade discounts, allowances or fringe benefits, … had to be filed last week. We have been helping clients with the automation of this process and the submission of more than 45.000 fee forms 281.50 in XML. The preparation and submission of fee forms 281.50 in XML is an example where submission in XML can free up time in the tax/finance function. For further information on the fee forms 281.50, we refer to our recent newsflash.

Claiming the exemption for social passive in the corporate income tax return also requires the submission of a specific form in XML. The social passive is a (temporary) corporate tax exemption following the introduction of the unified employment status. Our newsflash of March 2019 and newsflash of July 2020 are listing more details on this measure and its benefits. Summer is the time to start creating your XML in order to claim the exemption for social passive by the filing deadline.

PwC works together with clients to collect, cleanse, structure and submit the data and to claim the deduction in the corporate income tax return. This way, we are able to reduce the work required and avoid errors caused by manual data population in

An increased number of Belgian government’s tax applications accept submissions in XML, with the possibility to submit withholding tax returns (forms 273/273A) in XML-format being the latest addition to the list including the forms 281, the local transfer pricing return 275LF, etc. These additions are a welcome opportunity to free up time in the tax/finance function through small automation and, especially in the context of the local transfer pricing form 275LF to automate certain validations.

Are you as excited as we are about small automation and its opportunities? Would you like to have a discussion with us to assess where we can help you with your submissions in XML-format? If so, please do not hesitate to contact your regular contact person of PwC, Tom Heremans or Tim Pieters for more information.