5 reasons to choose Converse CRM & payment solution for European nonprofits


Choosing the right CRM solution can be a tough one for many companies. Even more when it comes to nonprofit organizations which want to become more efficient without spending resources they don’t have. Converse by PwC was built right from the start to answer these special needs.

There are dozens of reasons to choose Converse, but we’ve decided to focus on its 5 biggest assets:

  1. Get a 360° view on all your consitutents (donors, members, partners)
  2. Segment your donors and increase your marketing reach
  3. Collect donations on your website without any technical knowledge
  4. Process direct debit payments with ease
  5. We think global, act local: As a European company we understand EU nonprofits and know how EU laws can impact them

Still hesitating? You should watch this: