News articles written by Bram Markey

Belgian tax audits: increased focus on passive income streams and international cooperation

26 June 2020

The recent developments in the international tax world are clearly finding their way into the Belgian tax investigation practice. PwC observes a significant increase in tax audits in which the Belgian tax authorities are focusing on passive income flows (dividend, interest and royalty) and alleged tax abuse through the involvement of intermediary entities.  A number

Belgium implements new EU Tax Dispute Resolution Directive

27 May 2019

On 2 May 2019, Belgium completed the implementation process of the Directive on tax dispute resolution mechanisms in the EU (Council Directive 2017/1852 of 10 October 2017). This enhanced procedure for resolving cross-border direct tax disputes puts taxpayer rights at the forefront, has a broader scope of application as well as an obligation for the

Multilateral transfer pricing audits: EU JTPF publishes recommendations

30 October 2018

The EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum (“EU JTPF” or “the Forum”) recently published its report “A coordinated approach to transfer pricing controls within the EU”, which aims to address the lack of guidance on bilateral and multilateral transfer pricing audits. The objective of the report, inspired by a number of successful pilot cases, is to

Belgium launches pilot program on cooperative tax compliance

7 October 2018

The Large Enterprises Division of the Belgian tax administration (“LE Division”) announced the launch of a two-year pilot project on cooperative tax compliance (Cooperative Tax Compliance Program – “CTCP”). The program is aimed at transforming the traditional approach of ex-post tax investigations towards a system of proactive, real-time and constructive dialogue on the tax affairs of corporates.

Belgian Tax Authorities announce some of their focus areas for 2018 tax audits

27 April 2018

The Belgian Tax Authorities have recently announced some of their focus areas for 2018 for tax audits. This early warning allows both individual taxpayers and enterprises to ensure compliance with their Belgian tax obligations. Individuals and enterprises that have not filed tax returns will in any event be selected. Enterprises can expect to face more

Belgian transfer pricing audits: increased manpower, new focus areas and enhanced cooperation on the horizon

8 February 2018

Beginning in February of 2018, the Belgian tax authorities will initiate a new wave of transfer pricing (TP) audits. The central transfer pricing investigation team (TP Unit) is investing in additional manpower and changing investigation approaches to increase the effectiveness of audits. Taxpayers should also expect more scrutiny on TP matters from other tax departments,