News articles written by Dirk Verheyen

PwC negotiates sale of Stoffels Tomaten

17 January 2018

PwC Corporate Finance (CF), part of the Deals team, sole financial advisor to the seller.   The PwC CF team is pleased to announce the completion of Project Cherry, the sale of Stoffels Tomaten owned by Paul and Petra Stoffels-Veldman to family office Invale and private equity fund BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity on 12

PwC’s dialogue with Private Equity investors reveals growing interest in responsible investment

15 March 2016

There is a growing need for General Partners (GPs) to demonstrate responsible investment behaviour and manage their exposure to environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) risks in their engagement with Limited Partners (LPs). This trend is also based on the belief that addressing ESG factors will protect value by either improving returns or reducing risk. PwC’s