News articles written by Olivier Hermand

Belgian Tax on Securities Accounts: a Practice Note provides further guidance

29 May 2018

The Belgian tax administration has issued on 25 May 2018 a (welcomed) Practice Note providing further guidance regarding the Belgian Tax on Securities Accounts (BTSA). For recall, the BTSA applies to (foreign) individuals holding one or several (Belgian) securities accounts which totalized (on average) more than 500.000 euros during the reference period. In such a

Royal Decree of 8 May 2018: Private Pricafs get a boost

23 May 2018

Private Pricafs (Pricafs Privées / Private Privaks) are investment vehicles aimed at encouraging investments in risk capital and private equity. Due to certain regulatory features, the creation of Private Pricafs did not really take off since their appearance. To correct this situation, a Royal Decree including several adjustments on the regulatory side but also a

Belgian TIS: New Practice Note on the deduction of costs

15 May 2018

On 9 May 2018, the Belgian tax administration has issued a Practice Note providing guidance on the deduction of costs in the framework of the computation of the Belgian Taxable Income per Share, also known as “Belgian TIS” or “BTIS”. For recall, the BTIS allows an accurate taxation of Belgian private investors of certain capitalizing

The Belgian Tax on Securities Accounts soon published in the Official Gazette

12 February 2018

On 1st February 2018, the Belgian Parliament approved the law implementing a tax on securities accounts, which should be published in the Official Gazette in the next days. In a nutshell, this regime provides a 0,15%-taxation of securities accounts held by individuals, either Belgian residents or non-residents (in such a case, only on their ‘Belgian’

Update on the Belgian Stock Exchange Tax (TOB/beurstaks)

11 January 2018

Recently, several modifications of the Belgian Stock Exchange Tax regime (TOB/beurstaks) have been enacted. For recall, this tax generally applies to secondary market transactions (with the exception of redemptions of own units by certain investment funds) concerning certain financial instruments entered into by Belgian investors, be it through a Belgian or a foreign financial intermediary.

Act published modifying the Belgian Net Asset Tax

22 August 2017

Update – As announced in our Newsflash of 27 June 2017, the Belgian annual tax on undertakings for collective investment (the Belgian ‘Net Asset Tax’ or ‘NAT’) would be adapted with the following measures: Introduction of a reduced tax rate of 0.01% on institutional share classes of foreign undertakings for collective investment (provided the units

Refund requests of Belgian WHT filed by non-residents: administrative guidance published

18 August 2017

The Belgian tax administration has just published on its website a guidance (FR/NL) related to refund requests of Belgian WHT on dividends, interest and royalties filed by non-resident taxpayers. In particular, the Belgian tax administration has made a distinction between refund requests of Belgian WHT based on Double Tax Treaties and those based on Belgian

Belgian tax reform: impact on the FS industry

31 July 2017

On 26 July 2017, the Belgian federal government reached an agreement on an important corporate tax reform. The contemplated changes go far beyond corporate tax as they also have a direct impact on the taxation of financial products, hence on the FS industry in general. Wealth Management Belgian Tax on Savings Income (art. 19bis ITC)