News articles written by Olivier Hermand

Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions: deadline extension for the first reporting & details on registration of responsible representative

28 February 2017

Yesterday, the Ministry of Finance has issued a statement (FR/NL) confirming that the deadline for foreign intermediaires to report and pay the Belgian TSET on the transactions carried out during the period January 2017 to April 2017 was extended to 30 June 2017. A similar extension has been confirmed for principals residing or established in

Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions: official form available

6 February 2017

The tax administration has just published the new official form for the Belgian Tax on Stock Exchange Transactions (TSET), further to its recent scope extension (French/Dutch). More information about the TSET reporting and payment can be found on the dedicated webpage (French/Dutch) of the FPS Finance. A Royal decree and FAQs are expected in the coming

Innovation income deduction, an opportunity for the financial sector!

6 February 2017

The new corporate income tax regime labelled as ‘innovation income deduction’ (IID) is about to be enacted. Given its new scope of application, it opens new opportunities for the FS sector in Belgium. Indeed, the IID regime is now applicable to a broader range of intellectual property (IP) assets and, as such, could be of interest

New bank tax – practice note

29 November 2016

The Belgian tax authorities just issued a practice note with respect to the new bank tax. For late payers, it states that tax should be paid before 30 November 2016. Read the French or Dutch version.    

New bank tax – official forms published

23 November 2016

The Belgian Official Gazette of today comprises the official tax return and refund forms to be used by credit institutions in the framework of the new bank tax. As a recall, with respect to fiscal year 2016, the new bank tax was due to be paid (and, in principle, declared) by 15 November 2016. The Royal

New Bank Tax: Filing and Payment Deadline set to 30 November 2016

15 November 2016

The Belgian Act of 3 August 2016 implemented a “new yearly tax on credit institutions replacing the existing yearly taxes, the limitations to the corporate income tax deductions and the financial stability contribution” under articles 201(10) and following of the Belgian Code of Various Duties and Taxes (below referred to as the “New Bank Tax”).