News articles written by Olivier Hermand

Implementing rules to the tax on securities accounts

24 August 2021

The royal decree of 6 August 2021 with regard to the declaration, payment and various rules relating to the annual tax on securities accounts has been published on 23 August 2021. It directly enters into force. It provides for the following: The rules for electronic filing of tax returns (and, alternatively, paper filing) and payment

Belgian tax on securities accounts: Belgian insurers are on the offensive

18 August 2021

On 16 August 2021, Assuralia, the Belgian professional union of insurance undertakings introduced an action for partial annulment of article 4 of the law of 17 February 2021 (Official Journal of 25 February 2021) introducing an annual Tax on Securities Accounts (TSA) in the Belgian Code of Various Duties and Taxes (CVDT). The role number

New Administrative Circular regarding the Belgian Tax on Savings Income – Asset Test and BTIS computation in case of funds of funds

11 June 2021

On June 10, 2021, the Belgian tax administration has issued the Administrative Circular number 2021/C/56 regarding the Belgian Tax on Savings Income (“BTSI” hereafter – article 19bis of the Belgian Income Tax Code). Circulaire 2021/C/56 – French Circulaire 2021/C/56 – Dutch The main objective of the above-mentioned circular is to highlight methodological points regarding the

New Tax on Securities Accounts: Exemptions for the Financial Sector

13 January 2021

On 5 January 2021, the Government published its bill introducing an annual tax on securities accounts in the Code of Various Duties and Taxes. As a recall, the tax is an annual tax on the holding of a securities account, levied at the rate of 0.15% on the average value of the account in excess

Circular 2020/C/96 on the taxable basis of foreign movable income

14 July 2020

On July 9, 2020, the Belgian Tax Administration published the Circular 2020/C/96 with respect to the determination of taxable income in case of collection of foreign movable income. It confirms that, in case of collection of a foreign movable income, the taxable amount is determined by deducting the foreign tax effectively withheld from the foreign