News articles written by Tom Wallyn

Changes to Strategic Transformation Support Programme from 2022 onwards

5 January 2022

Vlaio has just released a new update regarding the well known Strategic Transformation Support programme.  The Strategic Transformation Support programme is aimed at companies that are implementing a transformation with a strong innovative character to strengthen their international competitiveness. Companies can get up to 8% support for the accepted costs of mainly CAPEX investments and

New 2022 calls for the SME Growth Subsidy

16 December 2021

What is the SME Growth subsidy? With the SME growth subsidy, the Flemish government supports SMEs seeking to embark, or continue their strategic growth trajectory. The growth subsidy covers strategic advice from an external service provider or the recruitment of a strategic profile that will help SMEs in their growth. The applicant’s growthpath must be

New call Green Power! Support for solar panels and wind turbines

2 December 2021

The Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA) has launched a new project call to support companies and organisations investing in new solar panels and wind turbines in order to accelerate the green energy transition in the Flemish region. The solar panels should be PV (photovoltaic) installations with inverter power from 40 kW to 2 MW

Belgian incentives newsletter

21 October 2021

With the PwC Incentives Hub, we strive at remaining up to date on the latest news in grants and incentives and share the latest insights. In that respect, this newsletter outlines the most important developments on Belgian grants and incentives.  SME-portfolio The SME-portfolio (KMO-portefeuille) supports training and advice for a.o., small and medium enterprises. As

Subsidy for SMEs that make water saving investments

11 October 2021

The Flemish government has launched the new Blue Deal subsidy measure ‘water saving investments’. A call for SMEs that invest in technologies that save on the use of drinking, ground and/or surface water. The Blue Deal flows out of the Flemish governments’ goal of structurally tackling the fight against drought and water scarcity with major

Horizon Europe: Time has come!

24 June 2021

After a long wait, the first main calls of Horizon Europe are finally open! If you’re part  of innovation projects led by strategic partnerships and are looking for funding, this programme is made for you. Nonetheless, finding your way through the various calls for projects in Horizon Europe, applying and managing such projects is complex.

PwC Incentives Hub: latest news on EU funding

20 May 2021

After several years of negotiations, the end of this spring will see the official launch and/or opening of several funding programmes.   Horizon Europe Horizon Europe, the ninth framework programme for R, D & I, Horizon Europe and by far the most ambitious, with a total budget of € 95,5bn (2021-2027), is eventually becoming a reality.

Next Generation Europe – Europe’s recovery and resilience plan

14 January 2021

COVID-19 has shaken Europe and the world to its core, testing our welfare and healthcare systems, our economies and societies, as well as our way of living and working together. To facilitate the repair of the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the pandemic and prepare for a better, stable future, the European