Benefit in kind – Private use of company cars: Modified 2013 reference emission for petrol cars


A Royal Decree dated 3 April 2013 has changed the reference CO2 emission for petrol cars that is to be applied to determine the taxable benefit in kind for the private use of a company car by company directors and employees.

For income year 2013, this reference CO2 emission for petrol driven cars is now set at 116 g CO2/km (instead of the 115 g CO2/km basis for income year 2012).

This modification will cause the annual benefit in kind of having a petrol company car to slightly decrease for income year 2013 in comparison with the same taxable benefit for income year 2012.

Note that the reference CO2 emission for diesel cars has not been modified and remains at 95 g CO2/km.

The above modification is effective as of 1 January 2013. However, for practical considerations, the wage withholding tax will only be adapted as from 1 April 2013.