Brexit update – EU Commission encourage stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal


The European Commission issued further guidance earlier this week on a no-deal Brexit.

Although the European Commission sees an increase in the EORI registrations as well as in the AEO certifications, it strongly encourage the stakeholders to prepare for a no-deal and to take advantage of the extension till 31 October 2019. The European Commission emphasizes that  it does not plan to adopt any new measure in view of a possible no-deal scenario nor that it will compensate for a failure to prepare by operators.

On top of the above, yesterday Boris Johnson won the first round on the Conservative leadership race. Although Mr Johnson prefers to have a deal he already made it clear that the UK will leave at the end of October even without a deal!

In other words the chances of a no-deal Brexit have further increased, so be prepared and check out our website.