An extension until 30 June 2015 has been granted for reporting direct pension promise contracts to DB2P


As an employer/a company, you are liable to report your internal individual pension promises into the database DB2P, which is managed by Sigedis. This “declaration” must be made online before 30 June 2015 (the initial deadline was 31 December 2014). Reporting these pension promises late or incorrectly puts their tax deductibility at risk.

This concerns pension promises previously granted to an individual employee or a self-employed company director. These individual promises are, as far as their funding in the past is concerned, not subject to the obligation of being externally funded by an insurer or a pension fund (setting up new internal pension promises is no longer allowed since 16 November 2003 for employees and, since 1 July 2012, for company directors). These individual promises could be funded by means of a book reserve or a ‘key-man insurance’ (i.e. an insurance contract entered into by the employer/company for its own benefit with the employee or director being the insured, but without granting the employee/director direct rights to the contract). Irrespective of the funding method, the reporting obligation for such individual pension promises has to be met by the employer/company before 30 June 2015.

In addition to the reporting obligation for the internal individual pension promises, Sigedis asks you to verify your company pension plans as declared in DB2P by your insurer or pension fund. With regard to group plans declared by your insurer or your pension fund before 1 May 2014, the deadline for your reaction is 31 December 2014. No extension has been granted for this obligation.