Is your company ready for the digitalization of the Belgian (tax) authorities?


The world is becoming more and more digital and also the Belgian (tax) authorities are catching up in this field. MyMinfin, e-Box, MyTax, WSE loket are only some of the digital applications currently being launched by the (tax) authorities in Belgium.

Not only communications and documents are being digitized, also certain filings can no longer be done via regular mail, e-mail or an open filing platform. Consider, for example, the filing of the Belgian transfer pricing documentation, DAC6 reporting, fee forms 281.50, surveys of the National Bank of Belgium, application forms for Belgian tax incentives, etc. 

Also, in the near future and at the latest by the end of 2024, the current Biztax and Intervat application for the electronic filing of, respectively, a Belgian (non-resident) corporate income tax return and a VAT return will run via the MyMinfin platform and will therefore require a specific procedure before being able to perform filings. 

Although it is a relief for many of you that letters and documents will no longer be sent by regular mail (and therefore no longer can get lost), this digitalization may also bring along some challenges. 

The digital applications of the authorities are only accessible by persons who have the correct access rights. Granting access might be a burdensome process in case you are not familiar with the procedures to be followed. Being proactive in this respect is key to assure the compliance of your entity, to avoid missing important communications / documents from the (tax) authorities and to ensure no filing deadlines will be missed!

Is your entity ready for this digitalization? Still struggling with getting the required and correct access rights? We have in-house specialists available who can support you with this! 

Please reach out to Sophie Geers, Nikita Coppens, Kris Vanderstappen or your regular PwC advisor to discuss how PwC can further assist you in this respect.