Registration to the UBO register: extension of the deadline until 30 September


We already informed you about the introduction in Belgium of a register regarding the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO’s) of legal entities.

Initially, the information on the UBO’s needed to be registered by 30 November 2018. However, the deadline had been extended till 31 March 2019 by the Federal Public Service Finance (FPSF) taken into account that the electronic UBO register was not ready in time.

A new extension of the deadline till 30 September 2019 for the first registration to the UBO register has been decided.

We refer to our previous newsflashes of 20 August 2018, 28 September 2018 & 18 January 2019 for more details.

If you have any question with regard to this matter, please reach out to your regular PwC advisor or contact Stefan De Plus (+32 3 259 30 08).