News articles written by Philippe Vanclooster

New information (FAQ) on the Belgian UBO-register

3 April 2019

We already informed you about the introduction and extension of the deadline of the register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO-register).   On 2 April 2019 the Federal Public Service Finance (FPSF) published an updated version of the document with frequently asked documents (FAQ). The updated FAQ clarifies, amongst others: Who to register as UBO in

Registration to the UBO register: extension of the deadline until 30 September

13 February 2019

We already informed you about the introduction in Belgium of a register regarding the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO’s) of legal entities. Initially, the information on the UBO’s needed to be registered by 30 November 2018. However, the deadline had been extended till 31 March 2019 by the Federal Public Service Finance (FPSF) taken into account

Belgian corporate tax reform enacted by Parliament

24 December 2017

On 22 December 2017, the Belgian Parliament approved the major corporate tax reform announced in July. The final Act is expected to be published still before the year end. In that way, the majority of the measures can come into force on 1 January 2018. The corporate tax reform which is now voted is part

Belgium’s corporate tax reform becomes reality

27 October 2017

Today the Federal government has published a press release regarding the agreement on the concrete implementation of the important corporate tax reform announced earlier in July 2017. The Act has been sent to the Council of State for advice and is expected to be voted by Parliament in the course of December 2017. The great achievement of this

Notional interest deduction rate for tax year 2019 is 0,746%

27 September 2017

The Belgian notional interest deduction (NID) rate for tax year 2019 (accounting years ending between 31 December 2018 and 30 December 2019, both dates included) would be 0,746%. For SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), the NID rate would be 1,246% for tax year 2019. According to article 205quater, §2 of the Belgian Income Tax Code

Belgian UBO-register on its way

19 July 2017

According to the fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (2015/849), adopted by the European Parliament on 20 May 2015, one of the obligations of all EU Member States was to establish a national register of ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) before 26 June 2017. Through the introduction of this register, the Member States will have an additional tool

New possibilities to seek the judicial dissolution of (non-compliant) companies

12 May 2017

Since the Act of 13 April 1995, the judicial dissolution (i.e. court-ordered winding-up) already existed for non-active (so-called “dormant”) companies. They could be wound up at the request of the public prosecutor or any interested party if they failed to file their annual accounts for three consecutive financial years. A new Bill of law*, which