The PwC & ISW Limits Reward Barometer


Against a backdrop of economic turbulence, attracting, motivating and retaining talent while keeping costs in check can be a challenge. Motivation is tightly linked to the rewards people receive for their labour, so while organisations are forced to do more with less, they also have to enhance the perceived value of their rewards, both financial and non-financial.

This is why PwC and ISW Limits, a spin-off of the University of Leuven specialising in well-being at work, joined forces to measure the impact of financial and non-financial rewards on employee motivation via our Reward Barometer.

The aim of the barometer was to identify if and how the different forms of reward have an impact on the level of motivation of employees. The results of the study were based on a survey of several hundred people carried out in 2013.

The survey highlighted how the right mix of financial and non-financial rewards can positively impact on your employees’ motivation and thus retention, giving you a competitive edge on the market.

Read on for the full details of the results of the Reward Barometer and find out how PwC’s HR Services and ISW Limits can help your organisation via your own tailored Reward Barometer by going to our dedicated webpage or reading the press release.