Workforce Podcast – The future of work: what’s next?


The future of work: what’s next?


The world of work is developing rapidly. The digital revolution had already increased the pace of change, and the impact of COVID-19 has only added fuel to fire. The pandemic showed us that companies are ready and willing to truly embrace flexible and remote working. Indeed, across industries and geographies, people have proved that we can drastically change the way in which we get work done, irrespective of workplace and time.

This has created an opportunity that should not be wasted. Now is the time to innovate and define a new path. It’s the time to take the decision to experiment and embrace change.

A successful business requires a balance between its triangular ecosystem of workplace, work type and workforce, with the employee experience at the centre. The future way of working will be hybrid, digital, inclusive and fair. The future of work is now. Are you ready?

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