News articles written by Philippe Vyncke

Extension for the first registration deadline for the Belgian UBO register

28 September 2018

We have already informed you about the intention of the government to introduce a national register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO). The Royal Decree on the operating procedures of the UBO register has been published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 14 August 2018. It refers to an entry into force on 31 October 2018

Belgian implementation of the UBO register

20 August 2018

As mentioned in our previous newsflash of 19 July 2017, according to the fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (2015/849), adopted by the European Parliament on 20 may 2015, one of the obligations of all EU Member States was to establish a national register of ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) before 26 June 2017. Through the introduction of this