New obligations of the Belgian UBO register


In our previous newsflash, we already informed you about the new (disclosure) obligations in the UBO-register imposed by the Royal Decree of 23 September 2020.

Our experience shows us that, as it was previously not required by the Law, for many companies currently not all information on intermediary entities has been recorded in the UBO-register and no supporting documents are disclosed at this moment in time.

Please note that the information in the UBO-register must be updated and/or confirmed by 30 April 2021 at the latest. Be aware that sanctions apply if companies fail to meet this deadline and also if the information in the UBO-register is incomplete or incorrect.

How can we assist you?

As the analysis of the information to be disclosed in the UBO-register can be complicated, PwC can assist you with the formalities as listed above. We can also assist you with the request to hide all or certain data of an UBO in the register or implementation of your digital shareholders register in eStox. If you have any other questions with regard to this matter, please reach out to or your regular PwC advisor.