ESMA publishes final guidelines on sound remuneration policies under UCITS and AIFM Directives

Insurance banking

6 May 2015

FATCA – Belgian draft Guidance Notes published

The Federal Public Department of Finance has released the Belgian FATCA Guidance Notes in draft format. For more information about the draft, you can read the 138-page text here: Additional information about the implementation of FATCA in Belgium can be found on the Federal Public Department of Finance’s website:   Belgian contacts:     Stéphane Martin

26 February 2015

New rules regarding the issuance of certificates of residence for Undertakings for Collective Investment

With the new Circular, Circular L.G.-A. n°61 of 12 February 2015,  the Luxembourg Tax Authorities clarify and provide new rules as from February 2015 concerning the issuance of certificates of residence for Luxembourg Undertakings for Collective Investment (UCIs). The new administrative clarifications are expected to have a positive effect on the Luxembourg UCI market, strengthening Luxembourg’s