Eureka Clusters Sustainability call 2022


On 1 February, five Eureka project clusters, in cooperation with public authorities of 16 countries, launched the 2022 sustainability call. The project call is intended to promote international research, development and innovation projects in the context of Green IT and Space-earth-ocean integrated systems for improved observation and data exploitation. Broad cooperation is possible with a wide variety of partners in Europe and beyond. A project consortium should include at least two companies from different Eureka participating countries. The goal of the call is to strengthen sustainable industry and business on a large scale.

Target audience

Participants in partnerships are SMEs, large enterprises, Research & Technology Organizations (RTOs), and academic institutions.

Potential benefit

Belgian partners can apply in Flanders and Brussels. For Flanders, the Vlaio research and development programmes are applied to when requesting funding. This means that up to 60% of the eligible project budget could be covered with a maximum of € 3 M. Funding information for the Brussels region is expected to be shared soon. 

Application process

The application process for this call is divided in the following four phases:


This first phase consists of finding partners, generating and sharing ideas.

Project Outline (PO):

The second phase focuses on the creation of a first international project concept, checking eligibility, conditions and timeline with your respective funding agency. 

Deadline for the project outline is 2 May 2022 at the latest.

Full Project Proposal (FPP): 

When the PO is accepted, a final European project application can be prepared.This FPP has to be submitted before 30 september 2022 via the Eureka clusters portal.

Funding and start-up:

In the last phase, the national funding application should be submitted. In Belgium this is done through VLAIO or Innoviris for Flanders and Brussels respectively. Additional eligibility criteria may apply depending on the relevant region.

Once funding is approved the project can kick off. 


Get in touch with the PwC Incentives Hub to find out more on this opportunity, and on how we can assist you.