European Commission takes the next step in its EU-wide State aid review of tax ruling practices


On 8 June 2015, the European Commission announced its next steps in its EU-wide State aid review of Member States’ tax ruling practices.

The European Commission states in its press release that, following the December 2014 enquiry, Estonia and Poland refused to respond in full detail to the information request. Therefore, the Commission has now issued an information injunction to both countries, which have one month to provide the missing information to the Commission.

In addition, the Commission will ask 15 Member States to provide a substantial number of individual rulings. This brings the total to 21 (out of 28) Member States that have already received a request for detailed information.

For more information we refer to the EUDTG Newsalert of 9 June 2015 (on next steps in EC’s State aid review of Member State’s tax ruling practices).