New call for projects investing in closing waste to raw material cycles


The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) has opened a new call to support companies in the Flemish region that want to invest in innovative technologies for recycling projects that convert waste materials into raw materials. Up to 35% of the additional costs of the new technology compared to conventional technology can be funded. The call is open from 30 May to 22 August 2022.

For who? 

Both SMEs and large companies are eligible for this programme as long as the new recycling activities are performed in the Flemish region.

Eligible activities

The programme focuses on investments in recycling techniques that convert waste into raw materials. More specifically:

  • Processing of waste containing asbestos;
  • The recycling or preparation for recycling of waste;
  • Innovative techniques that enable the use of recyclates in a production process.


It is however important to note that the waste that is recycled was produced by other companies. Waste produced by the owner of the technology – or even subsidiaries – is not funded by this measure.

Potential benefit

Projects can get funding for up to 35% of the eligible costs, with a maximum of  € 3.000.000 over a three-year period. The minimum eligible investment cost is €500.000.

The amount of the subsidy is calculated on the basis of the additional investment costs that are needed for more efficient recycling activities compared to a conventional process that would be used without the support of this measure.

How to apply?

Applications to this call can be submitted on the website of The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM). Companies can apply till 22 August 2022.

If your company is considering an application for this call, or you are developing a technology that you think might be eligible, do not hesitate to contact the PwC Incentives Hub. Our team of experienced experts is ready to advise and support you with successfully obtaining grants!.