PwC’s Workforce Podcast – Rethinking Total Reward to deliver Total Wellness


The business environment is increasingly turbulent, with inflation rising, and continued shortages in many areas – including top talent. Organisations must focus on containing costs, but also seek to maximise performance, and attract and retain key talent. Competitive reward packages are vital for finding and keeping the pivotal talent that organisations need. However, there is more to gain from focussing on total wellness to enhance and sustain productivity and performance. Our new offering – Rethinking Total Reward to deliver Total Wellness – helps organisations do just that by:

  • Get to know your people and their needs and preferences to design fit for purpose Total Wellness strategy
  • Ensure organisational competitiveness, retention and resilience through the design of attractive workforce financial and non-financial compensation
  • Optimise the existing Total Reward offering to drive Total Wellness
  • Deliver best-in-class employee eXperience driving wellbeing, loyalty and performance


Host : Isabelle Meuleman

Guest speakers: Serafine Vandebuerie, Bart Van den Bussche

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