PwC’s Workforce Podcast – Empowering the workforce through the People Value Proposition


The war for talent is more present than ever and that means that organisations have to attract employees in new ways. They have to reframe their offer for current and potential employees, and this is captured in a well defined People Value Proposition which outlines the benefit your people gain when they join and stay in your organisation. This new episode – Empowering the workforce through the People Value Proposition – will give more insight into what People Value Proposition is and how organisations can implement it in their business by telling you:

  • How the People Value Proposition can be expressed
  • Why it is important for organisations
  • What the key components are
  • How to make you People Value Proposition in line with the reality of the Workforce
  • What the Total Reward Strategy is
  • How you can use this to attract candidates


Host : Maxime Duymelinck

Guest speakers: Serafine Vandebuerie, Bart Van den Bussche

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