PwC’s Workforce Podcast – Equal pay and the upcoming reporting directive. Are you ready?


The European Unequal Pay Day is set this year on November 15th. As from this day, women will work “for free” in comparison to men until the end of the year. But what are the main challenges if we speak about the gender pay gap and how can companies deal with it?

During this podcast, you can join our experts, Bart Van den Bussche (PwC) and Vera Claes (Zijkant) to learn more about the still relevant issues of Equal Pay. They will discuss the important difference between Pay Inequality and Gender Pay Gap, the factors causing it,  the impact of parental responsibilities & gender biases on women’s pay,  the way companies can prepare for the upcoming directive on pay transparency and how PwC Equal Salary certification can assist with this.

Host: Maxime Duymelinck

Guest speakers: Bart Van den Bussche, Vera Cleas

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