News articles written by Benny Fajwlewicz

Are you ready for the API economy?

30 August 2018

APIs are now much more than a middleware to connect different systems and applications; they represent the future of data management. Now is the time to rethink your entire data strategy towards more external information exchanges: the more open, the more beneficial it will be for your business.

GDPR: What you need to know for your company

4 June 2018

As for many of us, you might ask yourself: What is GDPR? Do I comply with the data protection law? What should my Marketing team do to follow the GDPR guidelines? For all these questions, you will find an answer in this article.

Marketing Cloud implementation guide

6 April 2017

Envision a personalised customer experience where every website visit, printed advertisement, newsletter, email or mobile offer is modified for everyone. This may seem unobtainable or very far in the future, but customers are already starting to expect more personalization.