News articles written by Christiaan Moeskops

Update: transposition of CRD V and EBA Guidelines

9 August 2021

In our Newsflash dated 21 June 2021, we informed you about the definitive version of the draft law transposing CRD V into Belgian banking law. The Belgian law of 11 July 2021 implementing EU financial directives (CRD V; BRR2; IFD; Solvency II) finally transposed CRD V into our Belgian arsenal.  In the meantime, the EBA

Council of Ministers: COVID-19: corona premium in companies

24 June 2021

The council of ministers has reached a consensus considering the corona premium in companies. This premium provides that companies that have performed well in the past (corona) year, can give their employees a one-time Corona premium in 2021. The maximum amount is set to EUR 500 per employee and can be granted from the 1st of

Implementing CRD V into Belgian law – we’re almost there…

21 June 2021

In our newsflash dated 5 March 2021, we informed you of the draft law transposing certain EU directives into Belgian law that was approved in a first reading. One of those directives was the fifth Capital Requirements Directive (CRD V). On 27 May 2021, the Belgian government introduced a definitive version of the draft law

Shareholders’ say on pay – Prepare your next general meeting – Last call

24 February 2021

In our newsflash dated 6 May 2020, we informed you about the extended say on pay of shareholders introduced by the Revised Shareholders’ Rights Directive (SRD II) and implemented into Belgian law for Belgian quoted companies. Remuneration report: extended transparency on individual pay disclosure & pay ratio Shareholders have their word to say on the