PwC’s Workforce Podcast – Employee preferences


Employee preferences –  how to redesign your Employee Value Proposition? 

We are living through turbulent times. The labour market remains tight with a high number of vacancies advertised, and the economic forecast is gloomier by the day. Attracting and retaining talent is high on the agenda of employers – along with cost containment. Raising salaries on top of mandatory indexation may not be a viable solution for some employers. What can employers do to design an employee value proposition (EVP) that is both attractive and sustainable?

During the podcast, PwC experts will share their knowledge (based on market data and experience) on how employers can position themselves in the market and optimise their total reward offerings in an innovative data-driven way. 

Moderator: Isabelle Meuleman

Guest speakers: Bart Van Den Bussche, Sandra De weerd

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