News articles written by Sven Delporte

Messaging Architecture With Salesforce

27 May 2019

Distributed software development has been growing rapidly in the world over the past years. However, distributed systems are difficult to debug and understand, they will keep up with the increasing requirements forced by e-business. That is where Event Driven Architecture allows you to work with multiple applications.

Microservices with Salesforce

28 March 2019

The era of mainframe, Client-Server, Web, SOA and REST is almost behind us and we are slowly moving towards Microservices. That last one is a hot topic among tech people at the moment. It gets its popularity among developers because it follows a bottom-up approach.

PwC partners with Mulesoft

27 March 2019

MuleSoft is specialized in connecting the world’s applications, data and devices. The mission is to reduce the complexity of integrating application networks at organizations and to give them an opportunity to change and innovate faster.

Rellex: Salesforce projects made easy

12 March 2018

Rellex (RELease & Lightning EXperience), an agile project and release management tool completely built on the Salesforce platform. Now sit back and relax and allow me to introduce Rellex.