PwC and Sirenum a strong recipe for success


In June I travelled to London for two days to meet with our partner Sirenum. Earlier this year we partnered up with this inspiring platform to offer our clients implementation and consulting services based on deep expertise in their product and the staffing industry.

I, Rémy Margage, had an interesting visit and I would like to share with you why!

Sirenum in a nutshell

The Sirenum software platform helps you better manage the main processes of your hourly workers.

Its technology is native to Salesforce and by using mobile and the cloud, you can easily streamline the management of part-time, temporary, and hourly workers, or what the company likes to call the dynamic workforce.

Built to handle the complexity common to temporary staffing agencies, Sirenum is also well suited to help employers in complex work environments like transport, care, construction and security. Sirenum helps these organisations in scheduling shifts, monitoring staff, and processing key financial processes including time interpretation and invoicing. With Sirenum, employers of dynamic workforces drastically reduce costs while growing revenue, increasing staff utilisation and engagement and improving health and safety.


An inspiring visit

PwC and Sirenum have already known each other for some time now and we had a really successful collaboration as a service provider over the past couple years, delivering country specific developments for one of their large Belgian clients. With my trip to Sirenum, I wanted to strengthen the ties between our companies and get to know their team.

After taking the first Eurostar to London, I was welcomed at Sirenum offices by Josh Pines, one of the co-founders of the company, responsible for Partnerships and Marketing. I received a warm welcome from the whole team and we quickly got down to business with what would be the first presentation of an interesting and informational day. Josh gave me the history of the company and a clear understanding of the pain points Sirenum strives to solve for the staffing industry. Whilst Salesforce is positioning itself as a key player of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Sirenum is looking to become the leading dynamic workforce management platform for the challenges faced in the “Gig Economy”. We spent a long time understanding the market segmentation, Sirenum’s position in the UK and with their current customers, and reflected on how it would apply to Belgium and the rest of Continental Europe, which is a key market for growth for the company.

Benjamin Rubin, Sirenum’s CEO and founder, joined us for most of the two days. He explained more to me about the company’s strategy and its aims for the future. Along our conversations, I couldn’t miss his passion and drive to succeed. It was really inspiring.

I had lunch with Josh and part of the team and in the afternoon, I met the people of Proactive temp agency and saw the application in a live environment. This company was actually the starting point of Sirenum and is the lab where the product was first used (and continues to help it evolve). Since the launch, Proactive is using Sirenum for its end-to-end processes and also permits to give concrete examples in terms of ROI and success for the application. This packed day was concluded with a live demo to prospects, giving me even more insight into the solution.

The second day, I spent time with Josh and Benjamin meeting different people from the team, both on the commercial and the implementation side, in order to define what PwC and Sirenum could do for each other and how to make the partnership successful for our companies and customers.

I really want to thank Josh and Benjamin, as well as all the Sirenumites for making me feel welcome during these two days, making it only the beginning of a great collaboration between our companies, both as a solution provider and an implementation partner.


The perfect match for temp and staffing agencies

It’s only been two months since I started working at PwC and I am really impressed by the company’s drive for expertise and customer success. Within this time, PwC gave me the time and resources to study for Salesforce certifications, to shadow consultants on projects, to take on a support project and finally to travel and develop strong relationships with a partner.

I am really confident that temp and staffing agencies looking to implement workforce management platforms will find with PwC and Sirenum a strong recipe for success: combining Sirenum’s unique solution with PwC’s Salesforce expertise and functional knowledge of the recruitment industry.


This article was written by Rémy Margage.